Design Guidelines

The aim of this Design Guidelines is to:

• Sustain a high quality of aesthetics and presentation,

• Encourage variety in housing styles that are in harmony with the streetscape,

• Protect the investment of all its residents,

• Encourage environmentally sustainable practices to reduce our carbon footprint.

The design guidelines can be downloaded from the 'Builder's Portal' (in the website footer).


STAGE 1, 1B & 2 - TITLED


STAGE 4 - Third Quarter 2024

STAGE 5 - Third Quarter 2024

STAGE 6 - Third Quarter 2024

STAGE 7 - First Quarter 2025

STAGE 8 & 9 - Fourth Quarter 2024

STAGE 10 - Mid 2025

Please note that stage construction is a complex and intensive process that could be delayed by weather, authority approvals and other factors outside our control. Accordingly, timeline information provided above best reflects information known at this time.

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